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    • Nipple clamps in stainless steel matte black finish. Weight of 180 grams.Extra-strong hold guaranteed.

    • Imagine the tight pinch of a clothespin combined with the heavy weight of metal!  These nipple clamps bring a fresh new element to a classic BDSM instrument.  Made of stainless steel, they will close securely on your tender nipple and then yank down with their sheer mass! Enjoy the ease of use, with even greater suffering for you or your pain slut!  These...

    • ZE CLOVER: Very fine nipple torture! Our stainless steel nipple clamps with chain are classical but demonically efficient. They work great on labia and ball sacks, too!  The connecting heavy jeweled chain is perfect for adding weights or tugging for additional... pleasure!

    • Adjustable stainless steel nips clamps with 3 weights.We’ve added weights to our finely adjustale nipple clamps so you can vary things as you please: 65g = 2.3 oz, 120g = 4.2 oz or an impressive 180g = 6.3 oz per nipple clamp. The nipple clamps have a nice grip with the black vinyl coatings preventing unwanted abrasions. The adjustable screws allow you...

    • Nipple clamps in stainless steel, with chain, finely worked which adjust themselves according to the desired degree of pain. Vinyl coating. Adjustable intensity.

    • Magnetic nipple pliers.The two rods that pass through the ring are equipped with super powerful magnets to strongly pinch your nipples. USE: Hold the ring in the middle of the nipple. Spread both sides of the rod and place the nipple between the two ends. Let the two stems slowly attract each other. The stems then pinch the sensitive nipples in an...

    • Nipple clamps with ring for weight ZE BARREL. Rubber coated, they can be adjusted individually and to the tenth of a millimeter by simple movements on the cylinder.For extreme games a ring attached to the ends allows to hang a weight

    • Nipple clamps coated with rubber, they can be adjusted individually and to the tenth of a millimeter by simple movements on the cylinder.Total length with chain approx. 45 cm. Also available without chains ZE BARRELTotal length: including chain, approx. 45 cm (18 ").

    • 2 long stainless steel nipples that adapt to all nipple sizes thanks to the adjustment rings located on the pinch bars.Length about 20 cm.

    • 2 long stainless steel nipples with plastic covered end and chain.

    • 2 adjustable nipple presses with stainless steel chain. Press system is regulatable and very accurate thanks to its screw.

    Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items