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    • Nipple clamps in stainless steel matte black finish. Weight of 180 grams.Extra-strong hold guaranteed.

    • Tunnel anal plug in polished aluminum with satin finish. Wide base for perfect grip and hold. The tunnel allows to use it also to insert lubricant, fingers or for games uros ... 2 Sizes: S diameter 3,8cm and L diameter 5,1cm Compatible with all lubricants. Wash with soap and water or dishwashing

    • Today we present you ZE MANGO the first steel magnetic ballstretcher like a big donut ! Made in surgical stainless steel matt black mat. Takes 5 seconds to get in and out. Inner diameter: 35mm 2 heights: 30mm / 300g 40mm / 400g

    • Ballstretcher magnetic matte brushed surgical steel or matt black. Inner and outer edges trimmed and softened, no risk of cuts. Large powerful magnets. No more lost keys, one click and that's it ! 3 heights: 25, 40, 50mm 1 inside diameters: 39mm for wide scrotum 2 finishes: matt brushed steel and matt black steel

    • New comfort (cut sides), polished and soft edges, strong and resistant magnets. Why cut sides? Because it takes less space between your legs and in your knickers .. and it's comfortable ..DIMENSIONS Height: 20, 30 and 40mm Diameters: 36mm

    • Ballstretcher diameters: 30, 33, 36 et 39mm Cockring diameters: 45 et 51mm Without screws and without key. Stretch the balls gradually by adding additional rings. Strong Magnets Avoid solvants or water, use only alcohol to clean.

    Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items