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Urethral probe
  • Urethral probe

Double End Dilator Urethral Sound Hegar

Urethral probe DARK-LINE

Double Urethral Sound - 100% Stainless Steel. HEGAR: the most popular sound sold for intense urethral stimulation. Hegar sounds are extremely popular and made to provide great sensations, so they satisfy any man looking for deep urethral stimulation newbie or experienced. Each of sound a different size on each end, it actually means you are getting 2 different sized sounds for the price of 1. Many people also like to also use these sounds not just for urethral stimulation but also anally, vaginally or for deep prostate stimulation. It makes these sounds into a truly multi-functional pieces made for pleasure.

Available in 13 Sizes: The smallest one is 1,5 mm and the largest on is 26 mm, so there is something for everyone. Length: 20cm

T1 1,5/2mm - T2 3/4mm - T3 5/6mm - T4 7/8mm - T5 9/10mm - T6 11/12mm - T7 13/14mm - T8 15/16mm - T9 17/18mm - T10 19/20mm - T11 21/22mm - T12 23/24mm - T13 25/26mm

Size: T1

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