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Wholesale and semi-wholesale of Poppers is a team of professionals specializing in the sale to professionals of sex stimulant aromas and poppers. We offer different ranges of Canadian, American and French poppers.

Supplier for sex shop, sauna and cruising club

We make sure to select high quality poppers and offer the best wholesale and semi-wholesale prices. Thus sexshop, erotic shops but also saunas and sexclub can benefit from decreasing prices on their purchases of Poppers from major brands.

We source directly from manufacturers and offer original and legal flavors.

Tobacconists get their supplies on our site

Since it is authorized to sell stimulating aromas in tobacconists, many tobacconists buy their bottles in size Small on our sales site dedicated to professionals. This is an additional sale that represents a significant additional turnover.

Why buy your Poppers wholesale on DARK-INK?

Order your Poppers in large quantities from a specialist in the sale of sex toys, lubricants and adult accessories for more than 15 years. We are a major player in the trade of products for sexshops or websites selling adult accessories.

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