Cockring Omega

Omega Cockring is the most comfortable cock ring in the world. Its revolutionary and patented design is guaranteed to make you rock hard and allows you to ejaculate freely without restriction like a typical cock ring.  Its design also allows you to put it on and take it off easily. You don't feel trapped like other cock rings.  Omega rings are individually hand-crafted from high quality stainless steel. They are guaranteed to last a lifetime.  Patented Omega Ring comes with standard  20mm stainless steel balls.  Choose the Omega Man ring size (diameter) that is right for you.

Note: Additional changeable balls can be purchased separately to change the size and weight of your Omega Ring. Balls can be removed easily to change size/weight or install a variety of accessories. Chains, wrecking balls and plugs also sold separately. 

Attach our 1.25" or 1.5" solid stainless steel Wrecking Ball to your Omega Ring and enjoy "swinging" stimulation for you and your partner. The ball swings freely during intercourse for stimulation or can be inserted as desired. The Wrecking Ball can be attached/looped to the various chain lengths for desired affect or insertion. Many "erector" combinations are possible. The options and enjoyment are endless. 


  • Wrecking Ball - 40mm/45mm and 50mm 
  • 3" chains to attach to Omega Man
  • Weight cockring only: 50g
  • Weight cockring with ball: 100g
Size: 40mm / Ball 40mm

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