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Chastity cages
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Houdini Chastity Cage

Chastity cages DARK-LINE

Total chastity !

Designed for keeping your subs penis under control and to stop him form gaining an erection we bring your the sensational HOUDINI Deluxe Chastity Device, a stunning solid stainless steel penis cage and articulate scrotum ring to entrap your lovers jewels and keep them under your control.

The superb Houdini Deluxe Chastity Device is manufactured in solid stainless steel and a pad lock so you can secure your lovers tackle whilst still allowing then to urinate thru the opening in the head.

Articulate cockring for easier use

Cage length: 100mm - Cage diameter: 35mm

Cockring diameter: 45mm & 50mm

Weight: 270g

Size: 45mm


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