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Ballstretcher DARK-LINE

DARK-LINE  for metal lovers, heavy, BDSM, CBT or soft.

Enjoy having full control over your sub with the ultimate stainless steel lockable ball pillory with ballstretcher and pressing plate.

4 in 1 pleasure/pain with integrated ball stretcher, plus pressing plate with spikes. Moving without permission becomes an impossible and painful task.

ZE ULTIMATE HUMBLER: best ball restraint – pulls the balls through your legs wide backwards, while your ass will be stretched upwards. The sub will be brought to his knees in a position of absolute devotion. Standing up and removal of the ball restraint without key are not possible.

The enhanced anatomical form and the design of the Ultimate Humbler, which is made from premium aluminium, provide a great bondage delight.

Thanks to the integrated hinge, application and locking of the Ultimate Humbler is easy. The metallic look throughout the highly polished aluminium shackle is one of durable elegance.

Our Ultimate Humbler comes with a ball stretcher for stretching your balls up to 120mm (5 inch). If needed, a pressure plate can be used for additional pressure on the balls. Optionally this sort of treatment can be experienced with or without spikes.

Finally, the Ultimate Humbler has two mounting lugs for attaching handcuffs.

Usage: Apply the Ultimate Humbler while on the knees or in tetrapod position. The Ultimate Humbler pulls the balls back between the thighs. The more the sub tries to straighten his position, the more uncomfortable it becomes and the more the balls are stretched. This is the position where the balls are exposed for playful stimulation. During this position his cock is also being strained. With the attached ball restraint each movement will trigger extreme sensations. Standing up, standing tall or walking are not possible. Your partner will be completely surrendered in this position. And now it is time to stretch the balls slowly but unrelenting to the max of 12m c… to follow up put counter-pressure onto the balls with the pressure plate.

Included: padlock and allen key

Humbler:  45cm X  3,5cm - Balls opening 4/3,5cm

Ballstretcher: 3,5cm X 1,2cm

Longueur tiges étire couilles:12cm 

Weight: 1,2kg