Deluxe Pranger

This ultimate bondage device THE DELUXE PRANGER does not allow any escape and forces a submissive subject to adopt a reduced position.

BDSM accessory made of two interconnected spacer bars, each equipped with a pair of leather cuffs and cuffs.

DIMENSIONS steel bars

Great bar length: 65 cm
Small bar length: 35 cm
Central bars: 2 x 20 cm
Diameter of the bars: 2 cm

DIMENSIONS wrists and cuffs

Ankle Restraints Size:approx. 30 cm Long / approx. 6.5 cm Wide
Wrist Restraints Size: approx. 26 cm Long / approx. 6.5 cm Wide


Steel bars
Made by Genuine Padded Leather
360 degrees rotatable shackles at the ends