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Ze Mango 30mm Magnetic Ballstretcher
  • Ze Mango 30mm Magnetic Ballstretcher
  • Ze Mango 30mm Magnetic Ballstretcher
  • Magnetic ballstretcher
  • Magnetic ballstretcher

Ze Mango 30mm Magnetic Ballstretcher

Magnetic ballstretcher DARK-LINE

Introducing Ze Mango, the quintessential masterpiece in Dark-Ink's exclusive lineup of steel magnetic ball stretchers. This marvel, reminiscent of a generously sized donut, is not just a testament to aesthetic appeal but a beacon of comfort and efficiency in the world of personal enhancement.

Crafted from the finest surgical stainless steel with a matte satin finish, Ze Mango stands in stark contrast to the commonplace, inferior lead chromed alternatives. Its superior material ensures an experience that is not only extremely comfortable, but also exudes an air of sophistication and allure.

Ze Mango redefines convenience with its magnetic design, eliminating the hassles of pinching and endless screwing associated with traditional ball stretchers. The magnet's formidable strength guarantees a secure fit, ensuring that once positioned, it stays put, allowing you to focus solely on the pleasure of new sensations and extensions.

Say goodbye to the days of lost keys and cumbersome procedures. With Ze Mango, a simple click is all it takes for an effortless 10-second transition in or out, making it the epitome of user-friendly design.

Available in four distinct heights—20mm, 30mm, 40mm, and 55mm—and two inner diameters, 35mm and 39mm, Ze Mango caters to a wide array of preferences and desires. Whether seeking subtle enhancement or significant extension, you'll find the perfect fit.

Weights vary by height, ensuring that each choice offers a unique balance of comfort and sensation:

20mm height weighs in at a substantial 245g.
30mm height offers a heftier 300g.
40mm height provides an even more pronounced 400g.
The largest, 55mm height, makes a bold statement at 550g.
Ze Mango by Dark-Ink: Where elegance meets eroticism, transforming the art of ball stretching from a mere practice into an exquisite, magnetic ritual.

Size: 30mm
Diameter: 35mm

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