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It is precision crafted with a DOUBLE set of stainless steel ball stretchers. 

With a simple twist of the wheel, you can MOVE the stretchers apart till 12cm

Bit by bit, you get a mind blow in STRETCH. 

Great for pigs who want a LONG swing in nut sack. And thats not all. Unleash the small pressure point SPIKES and youve got ball TORTURE and stretch in all in one. 

The spikes deliver a strong pinch, which can be adjusted in intensity or turned off completely. 

Keep in mind that the Bruiser is designed for the ADVANCED ball player. It takes a bit of practice and skill to put it on. 

You have to secure 2 ball stretchers. The inside diameter of the two rings is 32mm, which is slightly tighter than our Regular ball stretchers. 

It has to be tight to deliver the STRETCH, but it is not recommended if you have a really fat ball sack.

Outer diameter of 60mm 

Inner diameter of 32mm 

Weigth : 670g

Allen key included

It can be extended to a ball boggling 162mm -both rings have eight spikes that can be adjusted to the desired length, from fully retracted to an eye-watering pinch.

Also available in LARGE version with 38mm ballsttretchers inner diameter !


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