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Silicone, the strong rise of the raw material


Silicone is the main component of many intimate and sexual lubricants. Generally more expensive than water-based gels, silicone lubricants offer many advantages. In particular, they provide much greater and more effective lubrication.

The impact of the economic crisis on silicone

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, many sectors have been impacted, sometimes in surprising ways. Some raw materials that go into the composition of lubricants are also strongly impacted, this is the case for silicone, a derivative of refined petroleum products. The price of this mineral material used in intimate lubricating gels therefore "naturally" increases according to the price of a barrel of oil.

An increase never seen

Until October 2022, we managed to contain this increase and not impact our customers. But since the end of 2022, this increase has been so significant and even impressive that we have no choice but to pass it on to a large extent to our B2B rates. This is how the prices of Swiss Navy lubricants are soaring. Unheard of!

Reasonably priced alternatives

We are fully aware that it is becoming difficult to market bottles of Swiss Navy at the price of gold bars. This is why the Dark-Ink team seeks to offer you alternatives, lubricants at the best prices such as EasyLube for example.

Sell sex toys, more expensive too

Silicone is also used in the manufacture of many sex toys such as realistic dildos, plugs, cockrings and ballstretchers... It is therefore not surprising to see an increase in prices since the end of 2022. This evolution upward trend should continue during the first two halves of 2023.

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