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    • The Neoprene Snap Cock Ring from Perfect Fit. This adjustable cock ring is made of stitched and lined neoprene for ultimate comfort. It features safety snaps so you are not exposed to sharp edges. Also it stretches for that perfect fit every time. Product Dimensions:   Length: 19CM - 17.5CM - 16CM - 14,5CM Width: 2CM

    • Made from soft neoprene these cockrings feel fantastic. Have you ever tried to glue neoprene ? It's a bloody nightmare to get it right. But it takes quite a lot of time so that's why they're not cheap.   You can't combine them with Crisco or other oils / fats, in the long run oils and grease will deteriorate the material. !   To feel tight we recommend...

    • Can be used Ballstretcher cockring or low voltage Made of neoprene with 3 high quality steel snaps to adjust. 20cm Length 2.5cm Width

    • Gun Strap neoprene cock ring. Adjustable with 3 snaps. Warm, flexible, comfortable and stretch. Length: 210mm Width: 18mm

    Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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