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    • Black studded leather Poppers Bottle Holder- to take away your Poppers. Use for small and medium bottles (15 ml). Easy to fasten on your belt loof with the metal carabiner.

    • POPPERS BREATHING MASK, A must have for sex & poppers! A good reason why so many of us - straight and gay alike - turn to Rush every weekend: It gives you tons of pleasure! Use the mask ONLY with Cotton and poppers. Don't put directly the poppers into the reservoir ! Medical standard material poppers mask,one size fits most.

    • Have you ever wanted to smoke but find yourself with only an aluminum can? With Smoke-A-Cola, never have that problem again. All you need is a 12oz soda can, a tall beer can, or an 8.4oz energy drink can. Just fill your can halfway with water, snap on one of the included lids, insert the metal bowl and downsteam, attach the tube to the anchor point, place...

    Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items