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  • Classic design jockstrap with a large elastic band 3 inch high. Black color Materials: cotton and spandex Available sizes: S/M/L and XL

  • Adjustable and ergonomic cock ring and ballstretcher. Designed to fit the shape of your body, each curve of this cock ring has been precisely placed to maximize what you already have. Worn as a cockring or ballstretcher, this ring is completely versatile.

  • Steel cock ring covered with Soft silicone. The comfort of the silicone texture and the weight of a massive cock ring. INFORMATION & DIMENSION: Materials: steel and silicone Regular (M): diameter 32mm Large (L): diameter 37mm X-Large (XL): diameter: 42mm

  • Steel cock ring covered with Soft silicone. The comfort of the silicone texture and the weight of a massive cock ring.INFORMATION & DIMENSION:Materials: steel and silicone Regular (M): diameter 32mm Large (L): diameter 37mm X-Large (XL): diameter: 42mm

  • Silicone anal plug. A rechargeable sex toy that simulates back and forth in your anus. Discover 3 levels and 5 vibration patterns, as well as 5 unique push modes. An anal plug that lengthens and retracts in your anus. A wireless remote control allows you to control this sextoys remotely for you or your partner. This rechargeable and waterproof sex toy is...

  • Extra-large and powerful vibrator! This sex toy has 3 speeds of vibration controllable from the base of the vibrator. Both rechargeable and waterproof, it is always ready, even for a dip in the pool or in the shower. Made of phthalate-free ABS plastic, it is compatible with all types of lubricant and is non-porous for easy cleaning with mild soap or a sex...

  • Inflatable vibrating plug with remote control. The world's first most vibrant inflatable. A remote control allows to control the vibrations as well as the swelling of the anal plug. Push a missile into your butt and wait for the explosion ! Increase your pleasure with this inflatable and vibrating anal sex toys like no other. This soft and silky silicone...

  • A large, portable, easy-to-use masturbator for men with a skin-like sheath. All you have to do is add lubricant and slide your penis inside. To use it, remove the cover on top and introduce your cock with lubricant in the silicone sheath. Stretch silicone with stimulating ridges. The masturbator is easy to clean with lukewarm water and soap. INFORMATION...

  • The strongest of Poppers in the Everest range.After 6 months of research and studies here is Everest Premium. It's the strongest poppers ever created! It is composed of 95% pure amyl which allows it to have all the sensations of amyl with strength and power.Not suitable for beginners, reserved for connoisseurs. Amyle Nitrite Bottle of 15 ml French made

  • "Enjoy it !" The latest addition to the Everest Aromas range. A powerful poppers, quality, with intense and prolonged effects ... Pleasure guaranteed ! 100% French manufacturing Bottle of 15ml Propyl Nitrite St Gobain glass Respects French and European regulations

  • A small Poppers of 9ml based on pentyl Nitrite but really powerful.

  • Nothin’ is sexier than a beefy, bloated dick danglin’ between a pair of furry thighs…and with our new two-in-one cock and ball separator, JUICY DUO, your junk never looked fatter. 

  • The "Buttr Double Trouble" is smooth and flexible to slide deep into the anus. This sex toy has a robust suction cup. INFORMATION & DIMENSIONS: Height: 28.7 cm Width: 9.1 cm Material: PVC

  • Masturbation sheath and penis extender, the Fat Boy ™ Micro Rib Sheath by Perfect Fit is an incredible male sex toy.

  • Rechargeable prostate stimulator SONO No 79. The SONO No 79 prostate stimulator has an ergonomic shape designed for perfect stimulation of the G-spot (or P-point for men). It is slightly rounded and has a rechargeable battery. Specially designed to massage your prostate, these sex toys with its phthalate-free silicone surface offer a really soft feel and...

Showing 1 - 15 of 16 items